No vax could affect your family tax

Jan 1st 2016, Centrelink benefits are affected for those who haven't updated their child's immunisation record.

From today, all parents on family payments including Child Care benefits, Child care rebates and Family Tax Benefits Part A may have their payments affected if their child’s immunisation records are not up to date.

Chairman of Meningitis Centre Australia Bruce Langoulant said the Federal Government changes were made last November under Canberra’s “No jab no play” policy.

Today’s changes will also affect those who receive Grandparent Child care benefit, Special Child care Benefit or Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance.

“We know vaccines save lives, and what parent would not want to protect their child from vaccine preventable diseases and maintain their Centrelink payments too?” Mr Langoulant said.

Many of us have busy lives and a child’s immunisation records and updates can be missed. So now is a good time to check.

Meningitis Centre Australia has been a strong advocate for meningitis vaccines since it first began in Perth 24 years ago. The Centre has contributed to the implementation and public awareness of three major meningitis vaccines which are today on the National Immunisation Program (Haemophilus influenzae type B – Hib, Meningococcal C and Pneumococcal).

We urge all parents and grandparents who receive these type of benefits to check with Centrelink as to whether they will be affected.

Mr Langoulant said “Maintaining a child’s vaccination schedule is very important for a healthy and normal life and now it will also be important for their parents for maintaining Centrelink benefits. We are asking parents to be aware of this and maintain both”.

Bruce Langoulant is Chairman of Meningitis Centre Australia

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