Tasmanian teenager recovering from Men B

A 17-year-old girl is in a stable condition in the Launceston General Hospital recovering from meningococcal disease.

She was diagnosed with meningococcal B infection.

Clearance antibiotics have been given to the girl's close contacts but Public Health Director Mark Vietch said it was very rare for a person to develop the illness through contact.

"It is very rare for a person to develop the illness after close contact with someone who has meningococcal disease," he said.

"Meningococcal B vaccine for infants and young children, adolescents and young adults living close together can be bought and provided by your GP.

"People with meningococcal disease can go from feeling well to extremely unwell very quickly."

Symptoms include fever, severe aches, pains, headache, drowsiness and confusion. Infants can be distressed, limp, pale and feed poorly.

SOURCE: The Examiner

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