Winter Newsletter 2020

Meningitis eNewsletter - Spring Edition November 2020

It's an understatement I know, but sometimes you have to state the obvious to truly understand what we've been through, to process it all.

The pandemic has tested all of us particularly our Centre, but we managed to continue to operate in 2020, albeit with a few changes we have had to grapple with like most organisations, including Zoom meetings instead of face to face board meetings, working from home for the staff, re-visiting fundraising opportunities and looking at better ways to engage with the community.

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Autumn Newsletter 2020

Meningitis eNewsletter - Autumn Edition May 2020

The recent months have been different and difficult for all of us with the impacts of COVID-19 affecting every level of social and business life as we know it. Many businesses have had to close their doors and the social distancing has seen many seasonal health issues fall due to social distancing.

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Summer Newsletter 2019

Meningitis eNewsletter - Summer Edition February 2020

The start of the decade with the horrendous bushfires that gripped most states, and the recently declared Novel Coronavirus pandemic in Australia, has made us re-think about our local community and the people in it. The need to protect, whether that be one’s property, mental health or immunity.

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Spring Newsletter 2019

Meningitis eNewsletter - Spring Edition November 2019

The past few months has seen a lot of meningitis advocacy across the globe, the MCA team has been at the forefront in three locations - Myanmar, London and here in Australia.

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Winter Newsletter 2019

Meningitis eNewsletter - Winter Edition August 2019

We have been busy keeping the conversation of awareness around meningococcal and meningitis alive.

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Autumn Newsletter 2019

Meningitis eNewsletter - Autumn Edition April 2019

The Centre helped campaign for the ACWY meningococcal  vaccine after there was a national surge in cases over the past 3 years of the highly virulent W strain - it is now available for FREE to all 14-19 year olds around Australia.

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December 2018 eNewsletter

Meningitis eNewsletter - Summer Edition December 2018

Wishing all our friends and supporters a wonderful and healthy festive season and thank you for helping us make huge achievements in the immunisation area across Australia.

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July 2018 eNewsletter

Meningitis eNewsletter - July 2018

It's been an extremely busy year for Meningitis Centre Australia (MCA) and for meningococcal vaccine success in Australia.

The ACWY vaccine has taken centre stage nationwide because of the aggressive W-135 and Y strains...

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August 2017 eNewsletter

Meningitis eNewsletter - August 2017

While it has been a few months since we distributed our last newsletter we are pleased to report that we have been very busy as we continue our meningitis and meningococcal awareness raising activities and vaccine lobbying for our community...

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June 2016 eNewsletter

Meningitis eNewsletter - June 2016

It's been a very busy year so far. We have moved after 24 years at the Telethon Kids Institute in Subiaco, to our new abode at the Niche Building run by the Neurological Council of Western Australia on Aberdare Road in Nedlands...

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