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Don’t assume it’s coronavirus – it might be meningitis

THE charity Meningitis Now is urging young people off to university or the world of work this autumn not to assume it’s COVID-19 if they feel ill – it might be meningitis.

With A-level results just out, thousands of young people are contemplating their next steps. The charity is concerned...

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SA delivers game-changing vaccine research

A large-scale study involving tens of thousands of South Australians has been recognised globally as a landmark piece of research about meningococcal B disease, carriage and immunisation.

Led by the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute, the results of the landmark “B Part of It” study were published in the New England...

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New clues point to why bacteria can turn lethal and cause meningitis

Researchers have found a clue as to why bacteria that often live harmlessly in the back of the nose and throat can turn lethal and cause meningitis.

New research helps shed light on the genes responsible for a shield-like capsule that could help protect some bacteria from our immune system.

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