Mitch Duncan

mitch_duncan_geelong_compressedMitch Duncan is an AFL midfielder at the Geelong football club who also contracted bacterial meningitis when he was 9 months old. This has not stopped the Perth boy from achieving his goals in life. He made a speedy recovery and played for the East Perth WAFL team before being drafted to Geelong in 2010.He is contracted to Geelong until the end of 2018.

He also contacted the Centre to assist wherever he can in spreading awareness about the disease throughout the community and the football fraternity.

Read his story as told by his mum Julie Duncan

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Sarah Joyce 

Sarah Joyce is 34 and lives on the Central Coast, NSW. On the 9th August 2016 Sarah went from thinking she had the flu to fighting for her life within hours, to waking from a coma 9 days later to discover she had caught Meningococcal Disease W strain. At age 30. Which is not considered a high risk age group and Sarah, like many people, was unaware that her vaccines did not cover for all the strains.

Sarah is dependent on a feeding pump as she cannot eat from all the damage my remaining organs have endured. Sarah is not cured by any means and will live with multiple chronic illnesses for the rest of her life.
She was 30, working as a nurse and completely healthy and living her life before she was struck down.

Sarah dedicates her time to public speaking and raising awareness of Meningococcal and has created The Sarah Joyce Project which is supported by Lions of Wyoming East Gosford Centennial to prevent the preventable and stop this from happening to others.

Click here to read Sarah's full story.

Written 2021

Adam Selwood

adam-selwood-optAdam Selwood contracted HiB meningitis in 1986 at two years of age and was lucky to make a full recovery.  In January 2010, Adam contacted Meningitis Centre Australia  and has joined us in the fight against meningitis.

After several seasons with the West Coast Eagles in defensive roles, Adam was allowed more freedom as a genuine midfielder in 2009 racking up a career-high 515 disposals in 21 games.

His career so far has been highlighted by a premiership win in 2006, a Rising Star Nominee in 2005 and representing Australia in the International Series in 2008.

Adam has also finished in the Top 3 for Fairest & Best voting at the Eagles in both 2007 and 2008.

Since debuting in 2003 the young veteran has displayed remarkable consistency. He retired from the West Coast Eagles team in 2013 but continues to play a leadership role with the club and the East Perth WAFL team.

Read his story as told by his mum Maree Selwood.