The Meningitis Centre of Australia is part of the Telethon Kids Institute and is striving to eliminate meningitis in Australia by lobbying for vaccines and educating the community to be aware of the signs and symptoms. The Centre also provides support for families affected by the disease.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the fluid and membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.

There are three main types of meningitis infection

  • Bacterial
  • Viral
  • Fungal/environmental


In August 2013 Australia became the first country in the world to approve the meningococcal B vaccine for widespread use. However while it is available via prescription  through a doctor is is still too expensive for most people. The Meningitis Centre Australia is continuing to lobby the federal government to put it on the National Immunisation Program so that it is FREE for everybody.

Please sign our petition for the Federal Government to allocate funding for this life saving vaccine!


Latest News

29 Apr 2015
A man is in a Hunter hospital with a suspected case of meningococcal disease
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31 Mar 2015
Meningitis B vaccine added to UK child immunisation scheme
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23 Mar 2015
Child becomes WA's third victim of meningococcal disease in 2015
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23 Mar 2015
Officials urge meningitis shots at University of Oregon
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Meningitis can kill in 24 hours

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for the signs and symptoms.

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